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BSH Hausgeräte Uses TiCon für Teamcenter for Integrated Process Planning

TiCon für Teamcenter is one of the most important current development topics at the MTM Software Center. The IT solution, which has been developed in close cooperation with Siemens, enables the MTM application to be directly employed in the Easy Plan user frontend of the Teamcenter PLM software produced by Siemens. TiCon für Teamcenter is the major focus of a pilot project for integrated digital process planning at the digital factory at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH. Ralf Digel, Global Information Technology, Digital Factory BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, reported on the corporation’s practical experience with the new MTM software solution as part of this year’s TiCon Users’ Meeting. “BSH,” he said, “has taken great strides in meeting its goal by integrating the TiCon time management software in the Siemens Teamcenter environment – namely to genuinely integrate all the data related to production in a PLM database. TiCon für Teamcenter is currently available for the MTM-UAS, MTM-SD and MTM-MEK process building block systems.

Teamcenter, the Siemens software solution for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), has been in use around the globe at all the factories operated by BSH Hausgeräte GmbH since 2007/2008. “The current state mainly involves using Teamcenter to manage product-related data in a structured manner and support development processes,” Ralf Digel explained. “The topic of PLM, however, is continuing to develop in a very dynamic way. Two of the greatest challenges involve configuring or planning different options and having a simpler and quicker process for preparing lists of parts. Dynamic change management, in turn, makes it necessary to fully use all the Teamcenter functions,” Digel added. “We have to view the complete version history of a list of parts, for example, keep track of changes within a change number and then be able to provide the parts list that is valid for a certain time.”

One system for all the processes
The Tecnomatix software is available in the current systems landscape at BSH for process planning, line balancing and managing different options. The data that is processed there comes from the TiCon time studies, from EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet), which is being extensively introduced in Germany and increasingly used at the foreign business sites too, as well as from the product analysis using the MTM-based ProKon tool (production-oriented design). “By using Teamcenter, we finally want to have a system where all these processes don’t require interfaces and are integrated without any duplication of work,” Digel stresses.

The general goal at BSH has been to optimize the planning workflow in Easy Plan, the user frontend of the Teamcenter software. The direct integration of the web client TiCon für Teamcenter in Easy Plan has several benefits, in Digel’s view:

  • Regardless of the department where users are based at BSH, they can log into TiCon directly. There is no need for any change in the user interface.

  • TiCon für Teamcenter enables the web application TiCon to be used, regardless of the platform involved. Planners therefore do not need any experience with Teamcenter if they wish to prepare MTM time building blocks. “This enables us to guarantee maximum flexibility when preparing standard times,” says Digel.

  • The MTM process building block systems, MTM-UAS and MTM-SBW, which are used at the company, are supported.

  • TiCon für Teamcenter makes it possible to manage and use workflow indicators in the value-added process.

  • TiCon für Teamcenter can be integrated from Siemens Easy Plan 2.4 upwards.

  • The add-on supports several languages for the application (German/English as the standard options; other languages are possible).

The next steps for further developing Easy Plan and TiCon für Teamcenter at BSH Hausgeräte have already been planned. The aim is to replace TiCon3 by TiCon in Easy Plan by 2020 and Tecnomatix as the line balancing tool by 2021 too. Alongside this, the EAWS ergonomic assessment tool is being integrated in Easy Plan. 

Franz Coriand, Head of Sales at the MTM Software Center, is available to provide you with more information about TiCon für Teamcenter; his e-mail address is: